Numbers 16:23-33 TYN

23 And the Lorde spake vnto Moses sayenge:
24 speake vnto the congregacion and saye: Gett you awaye from aboute the dwellynge of Corah Dathan and Abiram.
25 And Moses rose vpp and went vnto Dathan and Abira and the elders of Israel folowed him.
26 And he spake vnto the congregacyon sayenge: departe from the tentes of these weked men and twyche nothinge of theres: lest ye peryshe in all there synnes.
27 And they gate them from the dwellynge of Corah Dathan and Abiram on euery syde. And Dathan and Abiram came out and stode in ye dore of there tetes with their wyues their sonnes and their childern.
28 And Moses sayed: Hereby ye shall knowe that the Lorde hath sent me to doo all these workes and that I haue not done them of myne awne mynde:
29 Yf these men dye the comon deth of all men or yf they be visyted after the visitacion of all men then the Lorde hath not sent me.
30 But and yf the Lorde make a newe thinge and the erth open hir mouthe and swalowe them and all that pertayne vnto them so that they goo doune quycke in to hell: then ye shall vnderstod that these me haue rayled apon the Lorde.
31 And as soone as he had made an ende of speakynge all these wordes the grounde cloue asunder that was vnder them
32 and ye erth opened hir mouthe and swalowed them and their housses and all the me that were with Corah and all their goodes.
33 And they and all that pertayned vnto them went doune alyue vnto hell and the erthe closed apon them and they peryshed from amonge the congregacyon.