Exodus 22:1-6 WYC

1 If any man stealeth a sheep, or (an) ox, and slayeth, or selleth (it), he shall restore five oxen for one ox, and four sheep for one sheep.
2 And if a night thief breaking (into) an house, either undermining (it), is found (out), and he taken is (made) dead by a wound, or hurt (and when he is caught, he dieth from a wound), the smiter shall not be guilty of his blood, or death;
3 that if he did this when the sun was risen, he did manslaying, and he shall die (but if the lord of the house did this when the sun was up, he hath done manslaughter, and he shall be put to death). If a thief have not that, that he shall yield for [the] theft, he shall be sold (to make recompense);
4 if that thing that he stole, is found quick at him, either ox, either ass, either sheep, he shall restore the double. (if what he stole, is found alive with him, either an ox, or a donkey, or a sheep, he shall restore double what he stole.)
5 If a man harmeth a field, or a vinery, and suffereth his beast, that it waste other men's things (If anyone harmeth a field, or a vineyard, by allowing his beast to destroy another person's things), he shall restore for the value of [the] harm (done), (with) the best thing(s) (of) whatever he hath in his (own) field, either in his (own) vinery.
6 If fire goeth out, and findeth, or burneth, ears of corn, and catcheth heaps of corn, or corns standing in (the) fields, he that kindled the fire shall yield (for) the harm (he who kindled the fire shall make recompense for the harm done).