1 Forsooth the Lord said to Moses, Enter thou to Pharaoh, and speak thou to him, (and say,) The Lord God of Hebrews saith these things, Deliver thou my people, that it make sacrifice to me (And the Lord said to Moses, Go thou to Pharaoh, and tell him, The Lord God of the Hebrews saith these things, Let my people go, so that they can worship me;)
2 that if thou forsakest yet, and withholdest them, (but if thou yet forsakest, and holdest onto them,)
3 lo! mine hand shall be on thy fields, (and) on the horses, and asses, and camels, and oxen, and sheep, a pestilence full grievous; (lo! my hand shall be upon thy fields, and upon the horses, and donkeys, and camels, and oxen, and sheep, with a horrible pestilence;)
4 and the Lord shall make a marvellous thing betwixt the possessions of Israel and the possessions of the Egyptians (and the Lord shall make a distinction between the Israelites? possessions, and the Egyptians? possessions), (so) that utterly nothing perish of these things that pertain to the sons of Israel.
5 And the Lord ordained a time, and said, Tomorrow the Lord shall do this word in the land (Tomorrow the Lord shall do this thing in the land).
6 Therefore the Lord made this word in the tother day, and all the living beasts of the Egyptians were dead; forsooth utterly nothing perished of the beasts of the sons of Israel. (And so the Lord brought this about the next day, and all of the Egyptians? beasts died; but none of the Israelites? beasts perished.)
7 And Pharaoh sent to see (what had happened), (for) neither anything was dead of these things which Israel wielded; and the heart of Pharaoh was made full grievous, and he delivered not the people (but Pharaoh's heart was hardened, and he would not let the people go).