This chapter relates the plague of murrain upon the cattle, and which
yet was not upon the cattle of the Israelites, \\#Ex 9:1-7\\ and the
plague of boils and blains on man and beast, \\#Ex 9:8-11\\ and
Pharaoh's heart being hardened, Moses is sent to him with a message
from the Lord, threatening him that all his plagues should come upon
him, and particularly the pestilence, if he would not let Israel go;
and signifying, that to show his power in him, and declare his name
throughout the earth, had he raised him up, and a kind of amazement
is expressed at his obstinacy and pride, \\#Ex 9:12-17\\, and he is
told that a terrible storm of hail should fall upon the land, and
destroy all in the field; wherefore those that regarded the word of
the Lord got their cattle within doors, but those that did not took
no care of them, \\#Ex 9:18-21\\ and upon Moses's stretching out his
hand, when ordered by the Lord, the storm began, and destroyed every
thing in the field throughout the land, excepting the land of Goshen,
\\#Ex 9:22-26\\ upon which Pharaoh sent for Moses and Aaron,
acknowledged his sin, and the justice of God, begged they would
entreat for him, which Moses did; but when the storm was over,
Pharaoh's heart was still more hardened, and he refused to let the
people go, \\#Ex 9:27-35\\.