Isaiah 42:20-25 WYC

20 Whether thou that seest many things, shalt not keep (it in thy mind)? Whether thou that hast open ears, shalt not hear?
21 And the Lord would, that he should hallow it, and magnify the law, and enhance it. (And the Lord desired, that he would hallow the Law, and magnify it, and exalt it, or lift it up.)
22 But that people was ravished, and wasted; all they be the snare of young men, and be hid in the houses of prisons. They be made into raven, and none (there) is that delivereth; into ravishing, and none there is that saith, Yield thou. (But that people was robbed, and taken as prey; they all be ensnared, and be hid in prison houses. They be made into raven, or spoils, and there is no one who rescueth them; yea, into robbing, and there is no one who saith, Yield thou/Give thou them back!)
23 Who is among you, that heareth this, (that) perceiveth, and harkeneth (to) things to coming?
24 Who gave Jacob into ravishing, and Israel to destroyers? Whether not the Lord? He it is, against whom they sinned; and they would not go in his ways, and they heard not his law. (Who gave up Jacob for robbing, and Israel over to destroyers? Did not the Lord? It is he whom they sinned against; and they would not go in his ways, and they would not listen to his Law.)
25 And he shedded out on them the indignation of his strong vengeance, and strong battle; and he burnt it in compass, and it knew not; and he burnt it, and it understood not. (And so he poured out on them the anger of his strong vengeance, and the strength of battle; and he burned them all around, yet still they knew not; he burned them down, but still they did not understand.)