Luke 17:15-25 WYC

15 And one of them, as he saw that he was cleansed, went again, magnifying God with a great voice.
16 And he fell down on the face before his feet, and did thankings [doing graces, or thankings]; and this was a Samaritan.
17 And Jesus answered, and said [Forsooth Jesus answering said], Whether ten be not cleansed, and where be the nine?
18 There is none found, that turned again, and gave glory to God, but this alien [but this alien, or stranger].
19 And he said to him, Rise up, go thou; for thy faith hath made thee safe.
20 And he was asked of the Pharisees, when the realm of God cometh. And he answered to them, and said, The realm of God cometh not with espying,
21 neither they shall say, Lo! here, or lo[!] there; for lo! the realm of God is within you.
22 And he said to his disciples, Days shall come, when ye shall desire to see one day of man's Son, and ye shall not see.
23 And they shall say to you, Lo! here, and lo! there. Do not ye go, neither follow;
24 for as lightning shining from under heaven shineth into those things [shineth on those things] that be under heaven, so shall man's Son be in his day.
25 But first it behooveth him to suffer many things, and to be reproved of this generation.