Genesis 41:1-6 YLT

1 And it cometh to pass, at the end of two years of days that Pharaoh is dreaming, and lo, he is standing by the River,
2 and lo, from the River coming up are seven kine, of fair appearance, and fat [in] flesh, and they feed among the reeds;
3 and lo, seven other kine are coming up after them out of the River, of bad appearance, and lean [in] flesh, and they stand near the kine on the edge of the River,
4 and the kine of bad appearance and lean [in] flesh eat up the seven kine of fair appearance, and fat -- and Pharaoh awaketh.
5 And he sleepeth, and dreameth a second time, and lo, seven ears are coming up on one stalk, fat and good,
6 and lo, seven ears, thin, and blasted with an east wind, are springing up after them;