In this chapter are related Pharaoh's dreams, which his magicians could
not interpret, \\#Ge 41:1-9\\, upon which the chief butler now remembering
Joseph, recommended him to Pharaoh as an interpreter, having had an
happy experience of him as such himself, \\#Ge 41:10-13\\, when Joseph was
sent for out of prison; and Pharaoh having related his dreams, he
interpreted them of seven years of plenty, and seven years of famine,
that should be in the land of Egypt, \\#Ge 41:14-32\\; and having done, he
gave his advice to provide in the years of plenty against the years of
famine, and proposed a scheme for doing it, which was approved of by
Pharaoh and his ministers, \\#Ge 41:33-37\\; and Joseph himself was pitched
upon as the most proper person to execute it, and was appointed chief
over the kingdom next to Pharaoh, who gave him a new name and a wife
upon this occasion, \\#Ge 41:38-45\\; accordingly, in the years of plenty
he took a tour throughout the whole land, and gathered and laid up food
in vast quantities in every city, \\#Ge 41:46-49\\; an account is given of
two sons born to Joseph, and of their names, \\#Ge 41:50-52\\; and of the
seven years of famine, beginning to come on at the end of the seven
years of plenty, which brought great distress on the land of Egypt, and
the countries round about, who all came to Joseph to buy corn,
\\#Ge 41:53-57\\.