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25 Short Thanksgiving Prayers and Blessings for Expressing Gratitude Around the Dinner Table

Whether you are looking for a short thanksgiving prayer to say before your Thanksgiving Day dinner or seeking a new way to say thank you to God for today, you have come to the right place! We have collected our favorite thanksgiving prayers and blessings that are short and simple but yet full of meaning.

Powerful Prayers of Thanks and Gratitude to God For His Many Blessings

Having a thankful heart can change your entire perspective and outlook on life. One of the best ways to experience the power of thanksgiving is to through prayer. When we offer a prayer of thanks to God, our focus shifts from our problems to our blessings. And that's the beauty of faith - we can experience gratitude and give thanks despite the circumstances and storms that surround us.

21 Prayers for Strength in Difficult Times

Whether you’ve had an incredible year or an incredibly difficult one, this compilation of prayers will serve as a guide for when you don’t have the words to say or ask of God to give you strength.

Ash Wednesday - It's Biblical Meaning and Purpose

Just what is the purpose of a smear of ash on your forehead on Ash Wednesday? Let's take a look at the meaning and symbolism of Ash Wednesday, which beings the Lent season. There are some Biblical principles and truths behind the religious practices that can remind all of us of our need for a Savior and the sacrifice of Jesus. 

Lent - It's Biblical Meaning and Purpose

Today, Lent is observed during the 40 day period between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. It is a time to set aside our wants and needs to come humbly and meek before God, recognizing our need for a Savior above all. Lent also symbolizes the 40 days and nights that Jesus fasted and prayed in the desert as he was tempted by the devil. 

February Bible Verses: Daily Scriptures for the Month

Find Bible Verses for February to read and write each day throughout the month. February's theme for scripture quotes is "Strength and Courage" featuring Bible verses about being strong and courageous. Fear not, for the Lord is with us. He will strengthen us and help us through adversity. 

May these February Bible verses encourage your heart and mind to not fear the tribulations of this world but to have faith in the Lord to deliver us from evil. Be bold in hope and love for God! 

Also, we recommend downloading the "February Scripture Writing Guide" from HERE 

Fasting Prayers for Powerful Revelation and Breakthrough

The Hebrew word for fasting is Kana, and it means to subdue or to bring low. It is the scriptural word for either bringing down an enemy in combat or subduing your own soul in an act of humility. The combination of fasting and prayer can bring powerful results. Before we take a look at some sample prayers to use while fasting, let's take a look at what fasting is.

Fasting is not just abstaining from food. It can be taking a break from a leadership position or giving up simple pleasures. Today, many people fast from social media as a means to find focus and prioritize their time in prayer. The immediate benefit of fasting is that it serves as an instant reminder of the reason you're fasting. Every time you feel sharp hunger or a pull to check your social media, it serves as a call to pray and focus on the vision or goal. Fasting through abstaining from food twice a week was a regular practice in the first century. There were minor fasts (from sunrise to sundown) and examples in both the Old and New Testaments of fasting for many meals and even days. Jesus Himself fasted in the wilderness for 40 days.

In Scripture, fasting and prayer go hand in hand. Biblical accounts show powerful results of praying and fasting by Daniel (Daniel 9), David (Psalm 35), Anna (Luke 2) and Paul (Acts 14). Jesus tells us how to pray and fast in Matthew 6 - instructing us to do so quietly, humbly and without any pride. 

Here are some fasting prayers you can use throughout your journey to a deeper understanding of who God is and His plan for you. May these prayers bring you a sharper Godly vision and greater breakthrough!

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January Bible Verses: Start the Year with Daily Scriptures

Find Bible Verses for January to read and write each day throughout the month. January's theme for scripture quotes is "Repentance" featuring Bible verses about repenting our sin and transforming ourselves by the renewing of our hearts and minds. 

May these January Bible verses provide inspiration and revelation of repentance, and the power of confessing our sins. Be encouraged by these scripture quotes to humble yourself, and pray and seek God's face and turn from any wicked ways. (2 Chronicles 7:14) 

Also, we recommend downloading the "January Scripture Writing Guide" from HERE

22 Prayers for Protection and Safety in Times of Distress

Although the Holy Spirit intercedes for us in terms of prayers, we would love to provide some sample prayers on how to pray for the Lord’s protection during times of uncertainty.

Powerful Advent Prayers For Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

Advent is a wonderful time of celebrating the coming of Jesus and Christmas. Within this busy holiday season, may you use these Advent prayers to find peace and joy in meditation of the gifts of life and Jesus. Here are 8 powerful Advent Prayers for you to use as devotions of peace and joy!

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