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5 Things I Learned in Church Planting

I have learned a few things in planting two churches. Some of these were new insights and some of were things I had confirmed, but all are things I would suggest other church planters consider.

4 Reasons Every Pastor Needs a Good Pastor Friend

I know some large church pastors who don’t even socialize or know their church staff. I know some smaller church pastors who don’t have anyone else serving with them during the week and haven’t made friendships with pastors outside their church.

It simply isn’t healthy. And, it’s probably not sustainable. Isolation almost always leads to something undesirable, whether ineffectiveness or total destruction.

Here are 4 reasons every pastor needs a good pastor friend:

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5 Secrets of Church Revitalization

One thing I’ve noticed is the number of pastors who enter revitalization thinking the church just needs new leadership. Or better sermons. Or them. I’ve learned there is so much more.

7 Ways I Protect My Sabbath

Even if you know you need a day of rest, getting one is much easier said than done. But these 7 practical tips will help you save your sabbath.

7 Ways I Protect My Family In Ministry

If a pastor is not careful, the weight of everyone else’s problems will take precedence over the issues and concerns of the pastor’s immediate family. I see it frequently among pastors I encounter.

7 of the Most Dangerous Church Cultures

It always breaks my heart to encounter a church that is ready to implode. Frankly, some churches live in that tension continually. Some cultures are dangerous—toxic even.

10 Ideas for Raising Children to Become Generous Adults

As parents we are the primary shapers of our children’s attitudes towards money, things, and desires. Our children will either be “givers” or “takers” in society, and that will be greatly influenced by the life they live in our home.

How a Man After God’s Own Heart Leads: Lessons from King David

One great example of motivating a team during crisis comes from the writings of David in Psalm 3. At the time of this writing, it is believed that David was hiding out from his own son Absalom. His encouragement kept his troops focused and gave them strength they needed in desperate times.

10 Things I'm Learning Leading Church Change

Change, no matter how necessary, is never easy. Along the way, I’m learning a few things. Here are 10 things I’m learning in leading church change.

3 Challenges for the Church Planter

Recently, I’ve spoken with a dozen or so church planters, or those wrestling the call, several each week, and the same issues come up every time. I want to share some thoughts based on my personal experiences planting two churches.

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