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Deuteronomy 33:1-8

1 Now this is the blessing which Moses, the man of God, gave to the children of Israel before his death.
2 He said, The Lord came from Sinai, dawning on them from Seir; shining out from Mount Paran, coming from Meribath Kadesh: from his right hand went flames of fire: his wrath made waste the peoples.
3 All his holy ones are at his hand; they go at his feet; they are lifted up on his wings.
4 Moses gave us a law, a heritage for the people of Jacob.
5 And there was a king in Jeshurun, when the heads of the people and the tribes of Israel came together.
6 Let life not death be Reuben's, let not the number of his men be small.
7 And this is the blessing of Judah: he said, Give ear, O Lord, to the voice of Judah and make him one with his people: let your hands take up his cause, and be his help against his attackers.
8 And of Levi he said, Give your Thummim to Levi and let the Urim be with your loved one, whom you put to the test at Massah, with whom you were angry at the waters of Meribah;
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