This chapter relates the blessings Moses pronounced upon the people of
Israel a little before his death; first, in general, on account of
their having a law given them in so glorious a manner, \\#De 33:1-5\\;
then, in particular, each of the tribes distinctly is blessed, Reuben,
\\#De 33:6\\; Judah, \\#De 33:7\\; Levi, \\#De 33:8-11\\; Benjamin,
\\#De 33:12\\; Joseph, \\#De 33:13-17\\; Zebulun and Issachar,
\\#De 33:18,19\\; Gad, \\#De 33:20,21\\; Dan, \\#De 33:22\\; Naphtali,
\\#De 33:23\\; Asher, \\#De 33:24,25\\; and the chapter is concluded
with some strong intimations of what God was unto the people of Israel
in general, and of what he had done and would do for them; all which
are expressive of their great happiness, \\#De 33:26-29\\.