[Editor's note: Beyond Sunday is a Monday refresher to carry you through the week.]

Focus Verse of the Week

Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, "Here are my mother and my brothers!" (Mark 3:34, NIV)

Classic Commentary

Here is, 1. The disrespect which Christ's family, according to the flesh, showed to him, when he was preaching (and they knew very well that he was then in his element); they not only stood without, having no desire to come in, and hear him, but they sent in a message to call him out to them (Mark 3:31-32), as if he must leave his work, to hearken to their impertinences; it is probable that they had no business with him, only sent for him on purpose to oblige him to break off, lest he should kill himself. He knew how far his strength would go, and preferred the salvation of souls before his own life, and soon after made it to appear with a witness; it was therefore an idle thing for them, under pretense of his sparing himself, to interrupt him; and it was worse, if really they had business with him, when they knew he preferred his business, as a Savior, so much before any other business.

2. The respect which Christ showed to his spiritual kindred upon this occasion. Now, as at other times, he put a comparative neglect upon his mother, which seemed purposely designed to prevent the extravagant respect which men later would be apt to pay her. Our respect ought to be guided and governed by Christ's; now the virgin Mary, or Christ's mother, is not equaled with, but put off for, ordinary believers, on whom Christ here puts a superlative honor. He looked upon those about him, and pronounced those of them that not only heard, but did, the will of God, to be to him as his brother, and sister, and mother; as much esteemed, loved, and cared for, as his nearest relations, v. Mark 3:33-35.

This is a good reason why we should honor those that fear the Lord, and choose them for our people; why we should be not hearers of the word only, but doers of the work, that we may share with the saints in this honor, Surely it is good to be akin to those who are thus nearly allied to Christ, and to have fellowship with those that have fellowship with Christ; and woe to those that hate and persecute Christ's kindred, that are his bone and his flesh, every one resembling the children of a king (see Judges 8:18-19).

(Adapted from Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Entire Bible, Mark 3)

A Thought to Keep

If Christ calls all believers His family, how are you treating your brothers and sisters? How about the ones from denominations or backgrounds you don't agree with?