[Editor's note: Beyond Sunday is a Monday refresher to carry you through the week.]

Focus Verse of the Week

If only you would be altogether silent! For you, that would be wisdom. - Job 13:5

Classic Commentary

If only you would be altogether silent!
This is because what they said of him was not true, nor anything to the purpose, or that tended to the comfort of his afflicted soul, but the reverse. Therefore he could have wished they had never broke silence, but continued as they were the first seven days of their visit. Now, since they had spoken, and had done no good by speaking, but hurt, he desires for the future they would be silent, and say no more.

For you, that would be wisdom.
It would be the greatest evidence of it they could give, as they had shown none by speaking; it would be a proof of some in them, should they hold their peace; a very biting expression this see (Proverbs 17:28). 

(Adapted from john gill's exposition of the bible, job 13:5)

A Thought to Keep

A mature Christians doesn't always feel the need to explicate life's happenings. Quietly living a life faithful to God's word is enough.