1 Chronicles 16:5-15

5 Asaf, the leader; assisting him, Z'kharyah; then Ye'i'el, Sh'miramot, Yechi'el, Mattityahu, Eli'av, B'nayahu, 'Oved-Edom and Ye'i'el playing lutes and lyres, while Asaf played cymbals.
6 B'nayah and Yachzi'el the cohanim blew the trumpets continually before the ark for the covenant of God.
7 It was on that same day that David first ordered that thanks be given to ADONAI through Asaf and his kinsmen:
8 Give thanks to ADONAI! Call on his name! Make his deeds known among the peoples.
9 Sing to him, sing praises to him! Talk about all his wonders.
10 Glory in his holy name; let those seeking ADONAI have joyful hearts.
11 Seek ADONAI and his strength; always seek his presence.
12 Remember the wonders he has done, his signs and his spoken judgments.
13 You descendants of Isra'el his servant, you offspring of Ya'akov, his chosen ones:
14 he is ADONAI our God, His judgments are everywhere on earth.
15 Remember his covenant forever, the word he commanded to a thousand generations,
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