Luke 11:45-54

45 One of the experts in Torah answered him, "Rabbi, by saying these things you are insulting us also."
46 Yeshua said, "Woe to you Torah experts too! You load people down with burdens they can hardly bear, and you won't lift a finger to help them!
47 "Woe to you! You build tombs in memory of the prophets, but your fathers murdered them!
48 Thus you testify that you completely approve of what your fathers did -- they did the killing, you do the building!
49 Therefore the Wisdom of God said, `I will send them prophets and emissaries; they will kill some and persecute others';
50 so that on this generation will fall the responsibility for all the prophets' blood that has been shed since the world was established,
51 from the blood of Hevel to the blood of Z'kharyah, who was killed between the altar and the Holy Place. Yes, I tell you, the responsibility for it will fall on this generation!
52 "Woe to you Torah experts! For you have taken away the key of knowledge! Not only did you yourselves not go in, you also have stopped those who were trying to enter!"
53 As Yeshua left that place, the Torah-teachers and the P'rushim began to oppose him bitterly and to provoke him to express his views on all sorts of subjects,
54 laying traps to catch him in something he might say.