Luke 12:30-40

30 For all the pagan nations in the world set their hearts on these things. Your Father knows that you need them too.
31 Rather, seek his Kingdom; and these things will be given to you as well.
32 Have no fear, little flock, for your Father has resolved to give you the Kingdom!
33 Sell what you own and do tzedakah -- make for yourselves purses that don't wear out, riches in heaven that never fail, where no burglar comes near, where no moth destroys.
34 For where your wealth is, there your heart will be also.
35 "Be dressed for action and have your lamps lit,
36 like people waiting for their master's return after a wedding feast; so that when he comes and knocks, they will open the door for him without delay.
37 Happy the slaves whom the master finds alert when he comes! Yes! I tell you he will put on his work clothes, seat them at the table, and come serve them himself!
38 Whether it is late at night or early in the morning, if this is how he finds them, those slaves are happy.
39 "But notice this: no house-owner would let his house be broken into if he knew when the thief was coming.
40 You too, be ready! For the Son of Man will come when you are not expecting him."
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