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Luke 3:23-38

23 Yeshua was about thirty years old when he began his public ministry. It was supposed that he was a son of Yosef who was of Eli,
24 of Mattat, of Levi, of Malki, of Yannai, of Yosef,
25 of Mattityahu, of Amotz, of Nachum, of Hesli, of Naggai,
26 of Machat, of Mattityahu, of Shim`i, of Yosef, of Yodah,
27 of Yochanan, of Reisha, of Z'rubavel, of Sh'altiel, of Neri,
28 of Malki, of Addi, of Kosam, of Elmadan, of Er,
29 of Yeshua, of Eli`ezer, of Yoram, of Mattat, of Levi,
30 of Shim`on, of Y'hudah, of Yosef, of Yonam, of Elyakim,
31 of Mal'ah, of Manah, of Mattatah, of Natan, of David,
32 of Yishai, of `Oved, of Bo`az, of Salmon, of Nachshon,
33 of Amminadav, of Admin, of Arni, of Hetzron, of Peretz, of Y'hudah,
34 of Ya`akov, of Yitz'chak, of Avraham, of Terach, of Nachor,
35 of S'rug, of Re`u, of Peleg, of `Ever, of Shelah,
36 of Keinan, of Arpakhshad, of Shem, of Noach, of Lemekh,
37 of Metushelach, of Hanokh, of Yered, of Mahalal'el, of Keinan,
38 of Enosh, of Shet, of Adam, of God.
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