Mark 13:14-23

14 "Now when you see the abomination that causes devastationx standing where it ought not to be" (let the reader understand the allusion), "that will be the time for those in Y'hudah to escape to the hills.
15 If someone is on the roof, he must not go down and enter his house to take any of his belongings;
16 if someone is in the field, he must not turn back to get his coat.
17 What a terrible time it will be for pregnant women and nursing mothers!
18 Pray that it may not happen in winter.
19 For there will be worse trouble at that time than there has ever been from the very beginning, when God created the universe, until now; and there will be nothing like it again.
20 Indeed, if God had not limited the duration of the trouble, no one would survive; but for the sake of the elect, those whom he has chosen, he has limited it.
21 "At that time, if anyone says to you, `Look! Here's the Messiah!' or, `See, there he is!' -- don't believe him!
22 There will appear false Messiahs and false prophets performing signs and wonders for the purpose, if possible, of misleading the chosen.
23 But you, watch out! I have told you everything in advance!
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