Exodus 26:15-25

15 “Make upright frames of acacia wood for the tabernacle.
16 Each frame is to be ten cubits long and a cubit and a half wide,[a]
17 with two projections set parallel to each other. Make all the frames of the tabernacle in this way.
18 Make twenty frames for the south side of the tabernacle
19 and make forty silver bases to go under them—two bases for each frame, one under each projection.
20 For the other side, the north side of the tabernacle, make twenty frames
21 and forty silver bases—two under each frame.
22 Make six frames for the far end, that is, the west end of the tabernacle,
23 and make two frames for the corners at the far end.
24 At these two corners they must be double from the bottom all the way to the top and fitted into a single ring; both shall be like that.
25 So there will be eight frames and sixteen silver bases—two under each frame.

Exodus 26:15-25 Meaning and Commentary


In this chapter a description is given of the tabernacle itself, and first of its inward curtains, of their number, matter, length, and breadth, and the manner of coupling them together, Ex 26:1-6, and then of the outward curtains of it, their number, matter, length, and breadth, and coupling, and how disposed of, Ex 26:7-13, and next of the two coverings of the tabernacle, of rams' skins and badgers' skins, Ex 22:14, the boards for the tabernacle are also described, with their tenons and sockets, Ex 26:15-25 and the bars and rings for it, by which it was kept firm together, Ex 26:26-30, an account is given of the vail between the holy and the most holy place, Ex 26:31-35, and of the hanging for the door of the tabernacle, Ex 26:36,37.

Cross References 2

  • 1. ver 21,25,32; Exodus 38:27
  • 2. S ver 19

Footnotes 1

  • [a]. That is, about 15 feet long and 2 1/4 feet wide or about 4.5 meters long and 68 centimeters wide
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