6 Then he set up military camps in their territory, and they became his subjects and paid taxes to him. The Lord made David victorious everywhere.
7 David captured the gold shields carried by Hadadezer's officials and took them to Jerusalem.
8 He also took a great quantity of bronze from Tibhath and Kun, cities ruled by Hadadezer. (Solomon later used this bronze to make the tank, the columns, and the bronze utensils for the Temple.) 1
9 King Toi of Hamath heard that David had defeated Hadadezer's entire army.
10 So he sent his son Joram to greet King David and congratulate him for his victory over Hadadezer, against whom Toi had fought many times. Joram brought David presents made of gold, silver, and bronze.
11 King David dedicated them for use in worship, along with the silver and gold he took from the nations he conquered - Edom, Moab, Ammon, Philistia, and Amalek.