1 Corinthians 11:12-22

12 For as woman was made from man, in the same way man is born of woman; and it is God who brings everything into existence.
13 Judge for yourselves whether it is proper for a woman to pray to God in public worship with nothing on her head.
14 Why, nature itself teaches you that long hair on a man is a disgrace,
15 but on a woman it is a thing of beauty. Her long hair has been given her to serve as a covering.
16 But if anyone wants to argue about it, all I have to say is that neither we nor the churches of God have any other custom in worship.
17 In the following instructions, however, I do not praise you, because your meetings for worship actually do more harm than good.
18 In the first place, I have been told that there are opposing groups in your meetings; and this I believe is partly true
19 (No doubt there must be divisions among you so that the ones who are in the right may be clearly seen.)
20 When you meet together as a group, it is not the Lord's Supper that you eat.
21 For as you eat, you each go ahead with your own meal, so that some are hungry while others get drunk.
22 Don't you have your own homes in which to eat and drink? Or would you rather despise the church of God and put to shame the people who are in need? What do you expect me to say to you about this? Shall I praise you? Of course I don't!