Jeremiah 46:3-13

3 "The Egyptian officers shout, "Get your shields ready and march into battle!
4 Harness your horses and mount them! Fall in line and put on your helmets! Sharpen your spears! Put on your armor!'
5 "But what do I see?" asks the Lord. "They are turning back in terror. Their soldiers are beaten back; overcome with fear, they run as fast as they can and do not look back.
6 Those who run fast cannot get away; the soldiers cannot escape. In the north, by the Euphrates, they stumble and fall.
7 Who is this that rises like the Nile, like a river flooding its banks?
8 It is Egypt, rising like the Nile, like a river flooding its banks. Egypt said, "I will rise and cover the world; I will destroy cities and the people who live there.
9 Command the horses to go and the chariots to roll! Send out the soldiers: men from Ethiopia and Libya, carrying shields, and skilled archers from Lydia.' "
10 This is the day of the Sovereign Lord Almighty: today he will take revenge; today he will punish his enemies. His sword will eat them until it is full, and drink their blood until it is satisfied. Today the Almighty sacrifices his victims in the north, by the Euphrates.
11 People of Egypt, go to Gilead and look for medicine! All your medicine has proved useless; nothing can heal you.
12 Nations have heard of your shame; everyone has heard you cry. One soldier trips over another, and both of them fall to the ground.
13 When King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia came to attack Egypt, the Lord spoke to me. He said, 1