This chapter contains two prophecies relating to Egypt; one concerning
the overthrow of Pharaohnecho, king of it, which was quickly
accomplished; and the other concerning the destruction of the land,
fulfilled many years after, and both by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon;
and the chapter is concluded with a word of comfort to the people of
Israel. It begins with a general title to prophecies in this and the
five following chapters, \\#Jer 46:1\\; then follows a particular prophecy
of the route of Pharaoh's army; of the place where, and time when,
\\#Jer 46:2\\; the preparations of the Egyptians for the battle, with a
variety of warlike instruments, \\#Jer 46:3,4\\; the consternation,
flight, and destruction of them, \\#Jer 46:5,6\\; notwithstanding their
confidence of getting the victory, \\#Jer 46:7-9\\; the reason of it,
because it was the day of the Lord's vengeance on them, and therefore
their ruin was inevitable, \\#Jer 46:10,11\\; the consequence of which
was shame and confusion, \\#Jer 46:12\\; next follows another prophecy
of the destruction of the land itself by Nebuchadnezzar, \\#Jer 46:13\\;
the places that should be destroyed, \\#Jer 46:14,19,25\\; the multitude
that should be slain, \\#Jer 46:15-17\\; a description of the calamity;
the instrument, manner, and consequence of it, \\#Jer 46:20-24\\; the
certainty of it, \\#Jer 46:18,25,26\\; and the whole is closed with a
promise of the return of the Jews, and of their salvation; though they
should not be without divine corrections, \\#Jer 46:27,28\\.