Job 18:6-16

6 The lamp in their tents will be darkened.
7 Their steps were firm, but now they stumble; they fall - victims of their own advice.
8 They walk into a net, and their feet are caught;
9 a trap catches their heels and holds them.
10 On the ground a snare is hidden; a trap has been set in their path.
11 All around them terror is waiting; it follows them at every step.
12 They used to be rich, but now they go hungry; disaster stands and waits at their side.
13 A deadly disease spreads over their bodies and causes their arms and legs to rot.
14 They are torn from the tents where they lived secure, and are dragged off to face King Death.
15 Now anyone may live in their tents - after sulfur is sprinkled to disinfect them!
16 Their roots and branches are withered and dry.