Job 41:11-21

11 Who can attack him and still be safe? No one in all the world can do it.
12 Let me tell you about Leviathan's legs and describe how great and strong he is.
13 No one can tear off his outer coat or pierce the armor he wears.
14 Who can make him open his jaws, ringed with those terrifying teeth?
15 His back is made of rows of shields, fastened together and hard as stone.
16 Each one is joined so tight to the next, not even a breath can come between.
17 They all are fastened so firmly together that nothing can ever pull them apart.
18 Light flashes when he sneezes, and his eyes glow like the rising sun.
19 Flames blaze from his mouth, and streams of sparks fly out.
20 Smoke comes pouring out of his nose, like smoke from weeds burning under a pot.
21 His breath starts fires burning; flames leap out of his mouth.