Tobit 13:1-7

1 Then Tobit prayed: "Praise the eternal God, praise the one who rules.
2 He punishes us; then he shows us mercy. He sends us down to the world of the dead, then he brings us up from the grave. No one can escape his power.
3 "People of Israel, give thanks among the nations, where he sent you into exile;
4 even there he showed his great power. 1 Let all who live hear your praise. The Lord is our God and father forever.
5 "Though he punished you for your wickedness, he will be merciful and bring you home from among the nations where he scattered you.
6 "Turn to him with all your heart and soul, live in loyal obedience to him. Then he will turn to you to help you and will no longer hide himself. Remember what God has done for you, and give thanks with all your heart. Praise the righteous Lord; honor the eternal King. "Although I live in exile in a foreign land, I will give thanks to the Lord and will speak of his great strength to a nation of sinners. "Turn away from your sins, and do what pleases God! Perhaps he will be gracious and show you his mercy.'
7 "I praise my God and rejoice in his greatness; my whole being honors the King of heaven.