Genesis 13:11-18

11 Lot chose the whole Jordan Plain for himself. He moved toward the east. They each went their own way.
12 Abram lived in Canaan, while Lot lived among the cities of the plain, moving his tents as far as Sodom.
13 (The people who lived in Sodom were very wicked. They committed terrible sins against the LORD.)
14 After Lot left, the LORD said to Abram, "Look north, south, east, and west of where you are.
15 I will give all the land you see to you and to your descendants for an indefinite period of time.
16 I will also give you as many descendants as the dust of the earth. If anyone could count the dust of the earth, then he could also count your descendants.
17 Go! Walk back and forth across the entire land because I will give it to you."
18 So Abram moved his tents and went to live by the oak trees belonging to Mamre at Hebron. There he built an altar for the LORD.
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