This chapter gives an account of the return of Abram from Egypt to the
land of Canaan, and to the same place in it he had been before,
\\#Ge 13:1-4\\ and of a strife between the herdsmen of Abram and Lot,
and the occasion of it, \\#Ge 13:5-7\\ which was composed by the
prudent proposal of Abram, \\#Ge 13:8,9\\ upon which they parted; Abram
continued in Canaan, and Lot chose the plain of Jordan, and dwelt near
Sodom, a place infamous for wickedness, \\#Ge 13:10-13\\ after which
the Lord renewed to Abram the grant of the land of Canaan to him, and
to his seed, \\#Ge 13:14-17\\ and then he removed to the plain of Mamre
in Hebron, and there set up the worship of God, \\#Ge 13:18\\.

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