Job 28:6-16

6 That place's stones are sapphire. Its dust contains gold.
7 No bird of prey knows the way to it. No hawk's eye has ever seen it.
8 No proud beast has ever walked on it. No ferocious lion has ever passed over it.
9 "Humans exert their power on the flinty rocks and overturn mountains at their base.
10 They cut out mineshafts in the rocks. Their eyes see every precious thing.
11 They explore the sources of rivers so that they bring hidden treasures to light.
12 "Where can wisdom be found? Where does understanding live?
13 No mortal knows where it is. It cannot be found in this world of the living.
14 The deep ocean says, 'It isn't in me.' The sea says, 'It isn't with me.'
15 You cannot obtain it with solid gold or buy it for any amount of silver.
16 It can't be bought with the gold from Ophir or with precious onyx or sapphire.