Zephaniah 3:12-20

12 So with you I will leave a faithful few, a humble and poor people. They will seek refuge in the name of the LORD.
13 The faithful few in Israel will not do wrong, tell lies, or use their tongues to deceive others. They will graze their sheep and lie down, and there will be no one to terrify them."
14 Sing happily, people of Zion! Shout loudly, Israel! Celebrate and rejoice with all your heart, people of Jerusalem.
15 The LORD has reversed the judgments against you. He has forced out your enemies. The king of Israel, the LORD, is with you. You will never fear disaster again.
16 On that day Jerusalem will be told, "Do not be afraid, Zion! Do not lose courage!"
17 The LORD your God is with you. He is a hero who saves you. He happily rejoices over you, renews you with his love, and celebrates over you with shouts of joy.
18 "I will gather those among you who are troubled because of the festivals. They bear a burden of disgrace.
19 At that time I will deal with all who have overpowered you. I will rescue those who are lame. I will gather those who have been scattered. I will make them praised and famous in all the world, though they had been ashamed.
20 At that time I will bring you [home]. Yes, at that time I will gather you together. I will make you famous and praised among all the people of the earth when I restore your fortunes right before your eyes," says the LORD.
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