In this chapter the character of the city of Jerusalem, and its
inhabitants in general, is drawn, as it would be, and as it was, in the
times of Christ and his apostles, \\#Zep 3:1,2\\ and of the principal
persons of it in particular, its princes, judges, prophets, and
priests, \\#Zep 3:3,4\\. The hardness, impenitence, and shamelessness
of this people, are exposed and aggravated by the just Lord being among
them; who, by his example and doctrine, taught them otherwise; yet they
were not amended or made ashamed, \\#Zep 3:5\\ nor received
instruction, nor took warning by the judgments of God on other nations,
\\#Zep 3:6,7\\ wherefore the followers of God are called upon to wait
his time, who would gather many people together, and destroy the whole
land of Judea, \\#Zep 3:8\\ at which time he would send his Gospel
among the Gentiles, who should thereby be brought to the true worship
and service of God, \\#Zep 3:9,10\\ though there should be a remnant
among the Jews, according to the election of grace, that should be
saved from that general calamity, \\#Zep 3:11-13\\ and the spiritual
Israel are encouraged with promises of better times, when the Jews in
general should be converted and gathered into the church of God, have
the presence and protection of God with them, and deliverance from all
their enemies, and be a praise among all people of the earth,
\\#Zep 3:14-20\\.