Daniel 2:32-43

32 The head of the statue was pure gold, the chest and arms were silver, the belly and hips were bronze,
33 the legs were iron, and the feet were an iron-ceramic mixture.
34 While you were looking at this statue, a stone cut out of a mountain by an invisible hand hit the statue, smashing its iron-ceramic feet.
35 Then the whole thing fell to pieces - iron, tile, bronze, silver, and gold, smashed to bits. It was like scraps of old newspapers in a vacant lot in a hot dry summer, blown every which way by the wind, scattered to oblivion. But the stone that hit the statue became a huge mountain, dominating the horizon.
36 This was your dream.
37 You, O king, are the most powerful king on earth. The God of heaven has given you the works: rule, power, strength, and glory.
38 He has put you in charge of men and women, wild animals and birds, all over the world - you're the head ruler, you are the head of gold.
39 But your rule will be taken over by another kingdom, inferior to yours, and that one by a third, a bronze kingdom, but still ruling the whole land,
40 and after that by a fourth kingdom, iron-like in strength. Just as iron smashes things to bits, breaking and pulverizing, it will bust up the previous kingdoms.
41 "But then the feet and toes that ended up as a mixture of ceramic and iron will deteriorate into a mongrel kingdom with some remains of iron in it. Just as the toes of the feet were part ceramic and part iron,
42 it will end up a mixed bag of the breakable and unbreakable.
43 That kingdom won't bond, won't hold together any more than iron and clay hold together.
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