The subject of this chapter is a dream which Nebuchadnezzar had dreamed,
but had forgot; upon which he calls his magicians and astrologers
together, to tell him it, and the interpretation of it; threatening them
with death if they did not, and promising them great rewards and honour
if they did, \\#Da 2:1-6\\, they urge the unreasonableness of the demand,
and the impossibility of the thing; which so highly incensed the king,
that he ordered their immediate destruction, \\#Da 2:7-13\\, Daniel and his
companions being in danger, he goes in to the king, and desires time,
and he would show him what he had dreamed; which being granted, he
spent it in prayer to God, \\#Da 2:14-18\\, and the thing being revealed to
him, he gave thanks to God, \\#Da 2:19-23\\, and being introduced to the
king, he both told him his dream, and the interpretation of it; which
concerned the four monarchies of the world, and the everlasting kingdom
of the Messiah, \\#Da 2:24-45\\, upon which he was highly honoured, and
greatly promoted by the king, \\#Da 2:46-49\\.