1 Chronicles 3:17-24

The Royal Family Line After Jehoiachin

17 Here are the members of the family line of Jehoiachin. He was taken as a prisoner to Babylon. His sons were Shealtiel,
18 Malkiram, Pedaiah, Shenazzar, Jekamiah, Hoshama and Nedabiah.
19 The sons of Pedaiah were Zerubbabel and Shimei. The sons of Zerubbabel were Meshullam and Hananiah. Shelomith was their sister.
20 There were also five other sons. They were Hashubah, Ohel, Berekiah, Hasadiah and Jushab-Hesed.
21 The family line of Hananiah included Pelatiah and Jeshaiah. It also included the sons of Rephaiah, Arnan, Obadiah and Shecaniah.
22 The family line of Shecaniah included Shemaiah and his sons. They were Hattush, Igal, Bariah, Neariah and Shaphat. The total number of men was six.
23 The sons of Neariah were Elioenai, Hizkiah and Azrikam. The total number of sons was three.
24 The sons of Elioenai were Hodaviah, Eliashib, Pelaiah, Akkub, Johanan, Delaiah and Anani. The total number of sons was seven.
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