This chapter gives an account of the sons of David, born to him both
in Hebron and in Jerusalem, \\#1Ch 3:1-9\\, and of his successors in
the kingdom, to the Babylonish captivity, \\#1Ch 3:10-16\\, and of his
family, to the coming of the Messiah, \\#1Ch 3:17-24\\.

born in Hebron, who are reckoned in the same order as in \\#2Sa 3:2-5\\,
only here the second son is called Daniel, who there goes by the name
of Chileab; he had two names, the reason of which see there; and here
David's wife, Eglah, is said in the Targum to be Michal, Saul's
daughter, \\See Gill on "2Sa 3:5"\\, to which is added an account of
his reign both in Hebron and Jerusalem, agreeably to \\#2Sa 5:5\\.
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