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  • 5 "For Yochanan gave a tevilah of teshuva with a mikveh mayim, but you will receive a tevilah in the Ruach Hakodesh not many yamim from now." [YOEL 3:1;(2:28)]

  • 5 Now there were in Yerushalayim frum, charedi (orthodox) Yehudim from all the nations under Shomayim.

  • 21 ("And it will be that everyone whoever calls upon the Name of Adonoi will be saved".)' [BERESHIS 4:26; 26:25; TEHILLIM 105:1; YOEL 3:1-5 (2:2832)]

  • 39 "For to you is the havtachah and to your yeladim and to all the ones at a distance, as many as may YIKRA B’SHEM ADONOI ELOHEINU." [YOEL 3:5; 2:28; YESHAYAH 44:3; 65:23; 57:19]

  • 40 And with many other dvarim, Kefa gave solemn edut (testimony) and was warning them, "Receive yeshu’at Eloheinu from this DOR IKKESH U’FETALTOL (warped and crooked generation)!" DEVARIM 32:5]

  • 5 And the ish pisei’ach was paying heed to them, expecting to receive something from them.

  • 5 And it came about on the next day their manhigim and Zekenim and the Sofrim were gathered together in Yerushalayim,

  • 1 And a certain man by the name Chananyah, with his wife Shappira, sold property

  • 2 And he, with his wife in collusion as to da’as, misappropriated from the price, and having brought a certain part, laid it at the feet of the Moshiach’s Shlichim. [YEHOSHUA 7:11]

  • 3 But Kefa said, "Chananyah, why has Hasatan filled your lev (heart) that you lied to the Ruach Hakodesh and misappropriated from the price of the land? [DEVARIM 23:21]

  • 4 "While it remained with you, did it not remain yours? And after it was sold, were the proceeds not under your samchut (authority)? How is it that you have hatched this deed in your lev (heart)? Your sheker (lie) was not to Bnei Adam but to the Ruach Hakodesh." [DEVARIM 23:22; VAYIKRA 6:2]

  • 5 And hearing these dvarim, having fallen down, Chananyah died; and there came great yirat Shomayim upon all the ones listening. [TEHILLIM 5:6]

  • 6 And having got up, the bochrim threw the tachrichin shroud over him and, having carried him out, they buried him in a kever.

  • 7 And there was an interval of lav davka (approximately) shloshah sha’ot and then his isha, not having da’as of what had happened, entered.

  • 8 And in reply to her, Kefa said "Tell me, you sold the sadeh for such and such a price, did you?" And she said, "Ken, for such and such a price, that was the amount."

  • 9 And Kefa said to her, "Why was it agreed by the two of you to put the Ruach Hakodesh of Hashem to the test? Hinei! The feet of the ones having buried your ba’al are at the petach (doorway), and they will carry you out."

  • 10 And she fell immediately at his feet and died. And, the bochrim, having entered, found her dead; and, having carried her out, they buried her with her ba’al.

  • 11 And there came great yirat Shomayim upon the whole Messianic kehillah and upon all the ones hearing these things.

  • 12 Now by the hands of the Moshiach’s Shlichim were being effected many otot and moftim among the people and with a sense of achdus they were all in the Ulam Sh’lomo.

  • 13 But none of the rest was daring to be mishtatef in a chavura (becoming involved, joining a fellowship) with them; however, the Am Yisroel held the Messianic Jews in high esteem.

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