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  • 25 And Hashem came down in an Anan, and spoke unto him, and took of the Ruach [Hakodesh] that was upon him, and gave [Him] unto the seventy Zekenim; and it came to pass, that, when the Ruach [Hakodesh] rested upon them, they prophesied, but did not continue. [See Shmuel Alef 10:6; 19:24; Ac 19:6]

  • 19 And they rose up in the boker early, and worshiped before Hashem and returned, and came to their bais in Ramah; and Elkanah knew Channah his wife; and Hashem remembered her.

  • 19 Moreover immo made him a me’il katon (a little robe), and brought it to him from year to year, when she came up with her ish to offer the zevach hayamim (yearly or annual sacrifice, Ex. 28:31f).

  • 19 And Shmuel grew, and Hashem was with him, and did let none of his [Shmuel’s] words fall to the ground.

  • 19 And his kallah (daughter-in-law), eshet Pinchas, was with child, near to be delivered; and when she heard the tidings that the Aron HaElohim was captured, and that her kham (woman’s father-in-law) and her ish were dead, she fell upon her knees in labor and gave birth; for her labor pains came upon her.

  • 19 And He struck down the anashim of Beit Shemesh, because they had looked into the Aron Hashem [Num 4:20], even He struck down of HaAm shivim ish [and chamishim elef ish]; and HaAm mourned, because Hashem had struck down many of HaAm with a makkah gedolah (a great stroke, blow).

  • 19 Nevertheless the people refused to obey the voice of Shmuel; and they said, No; but we will have a Melech over us;

  • 19 And Shmuel answered Sha’ul, and said, I am the Ro’eh (seer): go up before me unto the bamah (high place); for ye shall eat with me hayom, and baboker I will let thee go, and will tell thee all that is in thine levav.

  • 19 And ye have this day rejected Eloheichem, who Himself was Moshi’a for you out of all your adversities and your tzoroses; and ye have said unto Him, No, but set a Melech over us. Now therefore present yourselves before Hashem by your Shevatim (Tribes), and by your alefim (thousands, larger kinship units).

  • 19 And kol HaAm said unto Shmuel, Pray for thy avadim unto Hashem Eloheicha, that we die not; for we have added unto kol chattoteinu (all our sins) this ra’ah (evil), to ask for us a Melech.

  • 19 Now there was no charash (blacksmith) found throughout kol Eretz Yisroel; for the Pelishtim (Philistines) said, Lest the Ivrim (Hebrews) make them cherev (sword) or khanit (spear);

  • 19 And it came to pass, while Sha’ul talked to the kohen [i.e., Achiyah], that the tumult that was in the machaneh Pelishtim went on and increased; and Sha’ul said unto the kohen, Withdraw thine yad [i.e., let’s go].

  • 19 Why then didst thou not obey the voice of Hashem, but didst pounce upon the plunder, and didst harah (the evil) in the eyes of Hasham?

  • 19 Wherefore Sha’ul sent malachim unto Yishai, and said, Send me Dovid binecha, which is with the tzon.

  • 19 Now Sha’ul, and they, and all the Ish Yisroel, were in the Emek (Valley) of Elah (Oak), fighting with the Pelishtim (Philistines).

  • 19 But it came to pass at the time when Merav Bat Sha’ul should have been given to Dovid, that she was given as isha unto Adriel the Mecholati.

  • 1 9 And Sha’ul spoke to Yonatan [Yehonaton] bno, and to all his avadim, that they should kill Dovid. But Yehonatan Ben Sha’ul liked Dovid me’od.

  • 2 Yehonatan reported [this] to Dovid, saying, Sha’ul aviv seeketh to kill thee; now therefore be shomer in the boker, and abide baseter (in a secret place) and hide thyself;

  • 3 And I will go out and stand beside avi in the sadeh where thou art, and I will speak of thee with avi; and what I see, that I will tell thee.

  • 4 And Yehonatan spoke tov of Dovid unto Sha’ul aviv, and said unto him, Let not HaMelech commit chet against his eved, against Dovid; because he hath not committed chet against thee, and because his ma’asim have been toward thee tov me’od:

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