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  • 124 Deal with Thy eved according unto Thy chesed, and teach me Thy chukkot.

  • 1 24 (Shir HaMa’alot, [Song of Ascents] of Dovid). If it had not been Hashem Who was lanu (for us, on our side), now may Yisroel say;

  • 2 If it had not been Hashem Who was lanu, when adam (man) rose up against us;

  • 3 Then they had swallowed us up chayyim (alive); when their wrath was kindled against us;

  • 4 Then the mayim would have overwhelmed us, the torrent would have swept over nafsheinu (our nefesh); (Shir HaMa’alot, [Song of

  • 5 Then the mayim hazedonim (treacherous waters) would have swept over nafsheinu (our nefesh).

  • 6 Baruch Hashem, Who hath not given us up as a prey to their shinayim (teeth).

  • 7 Nafsheinu (our nefesh) is escaped as a tzippor (bird) out of the pach (snare of the fowlers); the pach is broken, and we are escaped.

  • 8 Ezreinu (our help) B’Shem Hashem Oseh Shomayim vaAretz.

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