Two frogs fell into a can of cream
- or so I've been told.
The sides of the can were shiny and steep,
The cream was deep and cold,
"Oh, what's the use?" said No. 1,
"tis fate - no help's around -
Good-bye, my friend! Good-bye, sad world!"
And weep still, he drowned.
But No. 2 of sterner stuff,
Dog paddles in surprise,
The while he whipped his creamy face
and dried his creamy eyes.
"I'll swim awhile, at least," he said
or so it has been said -
"It wouldn't really help the world
if one more frog was dead."
An hour or two he kicked and swam -
not once he stopped to mutter,
But kicked and swam and swarm and
kicked, then hopped out, via butter.