Years ago, in a small Tennessee city, there lived a man who did not believe in banks. Word got around, and one day he was robbed. The culprit was caught and put on trial. The defense attorney tried to prove that the robbery was in fact a hoax, a scheme to avoid taxes.

He put the victim of the robbery on the witness stand and said, "Are you telling this court that you had five thousand dollars of your own money in cash at home?" The witness answered, "No, I didn't say that at all. None of that money was mine. It belonged to God. He was only letting me use it for a little while." Later he said that he had to say that because he was under oath!

Novelist Evelyn Waugh once wrote, "These memories ... are my life, for we posses nothing surely except our memories." Memories are truly a wonderful possession. But we possess much more. We do not possess anything on this earth. All that we have belongs to God. We take care of it for Him. But we do possess the treasures laid up in Heaven. And we also possess those abiding things: faith, hope, love.