Top 5 Places to Start Reading the Bible

One of the most powerful ways to grow in our relationship with God is to read His Word. It is through His Word that God reveals Himself to us that we might know Him personally. The Scriptures grant us guidance on how to live in this Christian life and provide comfort when we face times of sorrow. In addition to that, it is the very Word of God that protects us from evil. Ephesians 6:17 calls the Word of God the Sword of the Spirit and urges believers to pick it up and use it to fight against spiritual attack. 

The Word of God offers freedom, healing, and hope. I have yet to face an issue God did not address in His Word. For this reason, I have made every effort to ensure I make reading my Bible a daily habit because I know how desperately I need God's Word and Truth to make it through each day. Now, I'm eager to open up the Word of God that is alive and active as Hebrews 4:12 tells us, and hear from Him.

Photo Credit: ©SWN Design