2 Peter 1:5-7 DBY

5 But for this very reason also, using therewith a all diligence, in your faith have also b virtue, in virtue knowledge,

References for 2 Peter 1:5

    • e 1:5 - 'Bringing in besides,' or 'along with,' 'by the side of the other.'
    • f 1:5 - Lit 'supply,' 'furnish besides.' It is the aorist.
      6 in knowledge temperance, c in temperance endurance, in endurance godliness,

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        • g 1:6 - Or 'self control,' as Gal. 5.23. 'Endurance' is hupomone: see Jas. 5.7.
          7 in godliness brotherly love, in brotherly love love: