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2 Timothy 2:15 DBY

15 Strive diligently to present thyself approved to God, a workman that has not to be ashamed, cutting in a straight line the word of truth.

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  • a 2:2 - Dia: the state or circumstances in which a thing happened, as Rom. 2.27.
  • b 2:3 - See ch. 1.8.
  • c 2:3 - Or 'Christ Jesus,' according to some authorities.
  • d 2:4 - Or 'serving.'
  • e 2:6 - It might be rendered, 'The labouring husbandman ought to be the first to partake (as Heb. 6.7) of the fruits.' But the sense is that he must work first in order to partake.
  • f 2:10 - Not in an active sense, but simply get it, not miss it.
  • g 2:12 - 'Endure' has a double sense in English: 'to last,' and 'to go through suffering patiently.' Here it is the latter, as in Rom. 2.7; 8.25; Jas. 5.11.
  • h 2:16 - i e. those who speak thus.
  • i 2:18 - Or 'missed the mark.' But this, though exact, is too familiar; and 'missed the truth' has another sense: see Note, 1Tim. 6.21.
  • j 2:21 - The word for 'purified' is only found here and 1Cor. 5.7, 'Purge out.' There it was to get rid of the old leaven out of the lump; here the one who names the name of the Lord has to purge himself from among the vessels. Hence we have an additional preposition which is rendered by 'separating from.' Lit. 'purified himself away from these.'
  • k 2:21 - Despotes, as Acts 4.24.
  • l 2:23 - Lit. 'foolish and undisciplined questionings;' in general a mind not subject to God, a man following his own mind and will.
  • m 2:24 - Some take this to mean 'teachable,' but it seems to be more the spirit of the servant of the Lord.
  • n 2:26 - It is here a question whether it be God's will or Satan's; whether 'for' (eis) refers to 'awake up' or 'taken captive:' 'awake up for his (God's) will out of the snare,' &c.; that those who have been taken as prey by the devil may, God having given them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth, awake up to follow his will. I rather prefer its application to God.