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International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

An exhaustive Biblical encyclopedia that details every significant word in the Bible. Contains articles by nearly 200 scholars about every aspect of the culture, language, people, and literature of the Bible.

A Aalar Aaron Aaronites Aaron's Rod Ab (1) Ab (2) Abacuc Abaddon Abadias Abagarus Abagtha Abanah Abarim Abase Abate Abba Abda Abdeel Abdi Abdias Abdiel Abdon (1) Abdon (2) Abed-Nego Abel (1) Abel (2) Abel-Beth-Maacah Abel-Cheramim Abel-Maim Abel-Meholah Abel-Mizraim Abel-Shittim Abez Abgar; Abgarus; Abagarus Abhor Abi (1) Abi (2) Abia; Abiah Abi-Albon Abiasaph Abiathar Abib Abida Abidah Abidan Abide Abiel Abiezer Abiezrite Abigail; Abigal Abihail Abihu Abihud Abijah Abijam Abila Abilene Ability Abimael Abimelech Abinadab Abinoam Abiram Abiron Abisei Abishag Abishai Abishalom Abishua Abishur Abissei Abisue Abisum Abital Abitub Abiud Abject Able Ablution Abner Abode Abolish Abomination Abomination Of Desolation Abomination, Birds Of Abound; Abundance; Abundant; Abundantly About Abraham Abraham, Book Of Abraham's Bosom Abram Abrech Abroad Abroad, Scattered Abronah Absalom (1) Absalom (2) Absalon Absolution Abstinence Abubus Abundance; Abundant Abuse Abyss Abyssinia Acacia Acatan Accaba Accad; Accadians Accaron Accept; Acceptable; Acceptation Acceptance Access Acco Accommodation Accomplish Accord; According; Accordingly Accos Account Accountability Accoz Accursed Accuser Aceldama Achaia Achaicus Achan Achar Achaz Achbor Achiacharus Achias Achim Achior Achipha Achish Achitob Achmetha Acho Achor Achsa Achsah Achshaph Achzib Acipha Acitho; Acithoh Acknowledge Acquaint; Acquaintance Acra Acrabattene Acrabbim Acre (1) Acre (2) Acrostic Acts Of Pilate Acts Of Solomon Acts Of The Apostles, 13-Outline Acts Of The Apostles, 1-7 Acts Of The Apostles, 8-12 Acts, Apocryphal Acua Acub Acud Adadah Adadrimmon Adah Adaiah Adalia Adam In The New Testament Adam In The Old Testament Adam In The Old Testament And The Apocrypha Adam, Books Of Adam, City Of Adamah Adamant Adami Adami-Nekeb Adan Adar (1) Adar (2) Adarsa Adasa Adbeel Add Addan Addar Adder Addi Addict Addo Addon Addus Ader Adiabene Adida Adiel Adin Adina Adino Adinu; Adin Adinus Adithaim Adjuration Adlai Admah Admatha Admin Administer; Administration Admiration Adna Adnah Ado Adonai Adonibezek Adonijah Adonikam Adoniram Adonis Adoni-Zedek Adoption Ador; Adora Adoraim Adoram Adoration Adorn Adra Adramyttium Adria Adriel Aduel Adullam Adullamite Adultery Adummim Advantage Advent Adventure Adversary Adversity Advertise Advice; Advise; Advisement Advocate Adytum Aedias Aelia Aeneas Aenon Aeon Aesora Affect; Affection Affinity Affirm; Affirmatives Affliction Affright Afoot Afore Afresh Africa After; Afterward Afternoon Agaba Agabus Agade Agag Agagite Again Again; Born Against Agape Agar Agarenes Agate Age Age; Old Age Agee Ages, Rock Of Aggaba Aggaeus Agia Agone Agony Agrapha Agrarian Laws Agree Agriculture Agrippa Ague Agur Ah Ah; Aha Ahab Ahab And Zedekiah Aharah Aharahel Ahasai Ahasbai Ahava Ahaz Ahaz, Dial Of Ahaziah Ahban Aher Ahi Ahi Or Ah Ahiah Ahiam Ahian Ahiezer Ahihud Ahijah Ahikam Ahilud Ahimaaz Ahiman Ahimelech Ahimoth Ahinadab Ahinoam Ahio Ahira Ahiram Ahiramite Ahisamach Ahishahar Ahishar Ahithophel Ahitob Ahitub Ahlab Ahlai Ahoah Ahohite Aholah Aholiab Aholiah Aholibah Aholibamah Ahumai Ahuzzam; Ahuzam Ahuzzath Ahzai Ai Aiah Aiath Aid Aija Aijalon Aijeleth Hash-Shahar Ail Aim Ain (1) Ain (2) Air Airus Ajah Ajalon Akan Akatan Akeldama Akkad; Akkadians Akkos Akkub Akrabattine Akrabbim Alabaster Alameth Alammelech Alamoth Alarm Albeit Alcimus Alcove Alema Alemeth Aleph Aleppo Alexander Alexander Balas Alexander, The Great Alexandria Alexandrians Aliah Alian Alien Alienate Alive All Allammelech Allar Allay Allege Allegiance Allegory Alleluia Allemeth Alliance Allied Allom Allon Allon-Bacuth Allow; Allowance Alloy Allure Almighty Almodad Almon Almond Almon-Diblathaim Almost Alms; Almsgiving Almug Or Algum Alnathan Aloes; Lignaloes Aloft Along Aloth Alpha And Omega Alphabet Alphaeus Also Altaneus Altar Al-Tashheth; Al-Taschith Altogether Alush Alvah Alvan Alway; Always Amad Amadatha; Amadathus Amain Amal Amalek Amalek; Amalekite Amam Aman Amana Amariah Amarias Amarna, Tell El- Amasa Amasai Amashsai Amasiah Amath; Amathis Amatheis Amazed Amaziah Ambassador Ambassage Amber Ambitious Ambush Ambushment Amen Amerce American Revised Version Amethyst Ami Amiable Aminadab Amiss Amittai Ammah Ammi Ammidioi; Ammidoi Ammiel Ammihud Ammihur Amminadab Amminadib Ammishaddai Ammizabad Ammon; Ammonites Ammonitess Amnon Amok Amon Amorites Amos (1) Amos (2) Amoz Amphipolis Amplias Ampliatus Amram Amramites Amraphel Amulet Amzi Anab Anael Anah Anaharath Anaiah Anak Anakim Anamim Anammelech Anan Anani Ananiah Ananias (1) Ananias (2) Ananiel Anath Anathema Anathoth Anathothite Ancestors Anchor Ancient Ancient Of Days Ancients Ancle Andrew Andronicus Anem Aner (1) Aner (2) Anethothite Anetothite Angel Angel Of God Angel Of Yahweh Angels Of The Seven Churches Anger Angle Angling Anglo-Saxon Versions Anguish Aniam Anim Animal Anise; Dill Ankle Anklet; Ankle-Chain Anna Annaas Annas Annis Annul; Disannul Annus Annuus Anoint; Anointed Anointing Anon Anos Answer Answerable Ant Antediluvian Patriarchs Antediluvians Antelope Anthedon Anthothijah Anthropology Anthropomorphism Antichrist Anti-Libanus Antilogemena Antimony Antioch, In Syria Antioch, Of Pisidia Antiochians Antiochis Antiochus Antiochus I Antiochus Ii Antiochus Iii Antiochus Iv, Antiochus Epiphanes Antiochus V Antiochus Vi Antiochus Vii Antipas Antipater Antipatris Antiquity Antonia Antothijah Antothite Anub Anus Anvil Apace Apame Apart Ape Apelles Aphaerema Apharsathchites, Apharsachites Apharsites Aphek Aphekah Apherema Apherra Aphiah Aphik Aphrah Aphses Apocalypse Apocalypse Of Baruch Apocalyptic Literature Introduction Apocalyptic Literature, 1 Apocalyptic Literature, 2 Apocalyptic Literature, 3 Apocrypha Apocryphal Acts, General Apocryphal Acts, The Separate Acts Apocryphal Epistles Apocryphal Gospels Apollonia Apollonius Apollophanes Apollos Apollyon Apostasy; Apostate Apostle Apostles' Creed; The Apostles, Gospel Of The Twelve Apostolic Age Apostolic Fathers Apostolic Fathers, Epistles Of Apostolical Church Ordinances Apostolical Constitutions Apostolical Council Apothecary Appaim Apparel Apparently Apparition Appeal Appear Appearance Appearing Appease Appertain Appetite Apphia Apphus Appii Forum Apple, Of The Eye Apple; Apple-Tree Apples Of Sodom Apply Appoint Apprehend Approve Apron Apt Aqueduct Aquila Ar, Ar Of Moab Ara Arab Arab; Arabians Arabah Arabattine Arabia Arabian Arabic Gospel Of The Infancy Arabic History Of Joseph The Carpenter Arabic Language Arabic Versions Araboth Arad Aradus Arah Aram Aramaeans; Arameans Aramaic Versions Aramaic; Aramaic Language Aram-Dammesek Aramitess Aram-Maacah Aram-Naharaim Aram-Rehob Aram-Zobah Aran Ararah Ararat Ararath Arathes Araunah Arba Arba, City Of Arbathite Arbatta Arbela Arbite Arbonai Arch Archaeology Of Asia Minor Archaeology; Archaeology And Criticism Archangel Archelaus Archery Archevite Archi Archippus Architecture Archites Archives Arcturus Ard Ardat Ardites Ardon Areli Arelites Areopagite Areopagus Areopolis Ares Aretas Argob (1) Argob (2) Argue Ariarathes Aridai Aridatha Arieh Ariel Aright Arimathaea Arioch Arisai Aristarchus Aristobulus Arithmetic Arius Ark Ark Of Bulrushes Ark Of Noah Ark Of Testimony Ark Of The Covenant Arkite Arm Armageddon Armenia Armenian Versions, Of The Bible Armenian; Aryan; Religion Armhole Armlet Armoni Armor, Arms Armor-Bearer Armory Army Army, Roman Arna Arnan Arni Arnon Arod Arodi Arodites Aroer Aroerite Arom Arpachshad Arpad; Arphad Arphaxad Array Arrest, And Trial Of Jesus Arrive Arrogancy Arrow Arrows, Divination By Arrowsnake Arsaces Arsareth Arsiphurith Artaxerxes Artemas Artemis Artificer Artillery Artisan Arts Arubboth; Aruboth Arumah Arvad; Arvadites Arza Arzareth As Asa Asadias Asael Asahel Asahiah Asaiah Asana Asaph Asara Asaramel Asareel Asarel Asarelah Asbacaphath Asbasareth Ascalon Ascend Ascension Ascension Of Isaiah Ascent Aschenaz Aseas Asebebias Asebias Asenath Aser Aserer Ash (1) Ash (2) Ashamed Ashan Asharelah; Asarelah Ashbea Ashbel; Ashbelite Ashdod Ashdodites Ashdoth Pisgah Asher (1) Asher (2) Asherah Asherites Ashes Ashhur Ashima Ashkelon Ashkelonites Ashkenaz Ashnah Ashpenaz Ashriel Ashtaroth Ashtaroth; Ashteroth-Karnaim; Beeshterah Ashterathite Ashteroth-Karnaim Ashtoreth Ashur Ashurbanipal Ashurites Ashvath Asia Asia Minor Asia Minor, Archaeology Of Asiarch Asibias Aside Asiel Asipha Ask Askelon Asleep Asmodaeus Asmoneans Asnah Asnapper Asochis, Plain Of Asom Asp Aspalathus Aspatha Asphalt Asphar, The Pool Aspharasus Asriel Ass Assalimoth Assamias Assaphioth Assarion Assassination Assassins Assault Assay Assemblies, Masters Of Assembly Assembly, Solemn Assent Assessor Asshur; Assur Asshurim Assidaeans Assiduous Assign Assir Associate Assos Assuage Assumption Of Moses Assur Assurance Assurbanipal Assyria Assyria And Babylonia, Religion Of Assyrian And Babylonian Libraries Assyrians Astad Astaroth Astarte; Astoreth Astath Astonished; Astonied Astonishment Astray Astrology Astronomy, I Astronomy, Ii Astronomy, Iii Astyages Asunder Asuppim; House Of Asuppim Asur Asylum Asyncritus At One Atad Atar Atarah Atargatis Ataroth Ataroth-Addar Ater Aterezaias Atergatis Ateta Athach Athaiah Athaliah Athanasian; Creed Atharias Atharim Atheism Athenians Athenobius Athens Athlai Atipha Atonement Atonement, Day Of Atroth-Beth-Joab Atroth-Shophan Attai Attain Attalia Attalus Attend; Attendance Attent; Attentive Attharates Attharias; Atharias Attire; Dyed Attire Attitudes Attus Audience Augia Augur's Oak Augury Augustan; Augustan Band Augustus Aul Aunt Austere Author Authority In Religion Authority; Authority In General Authorized Version Autranitis Ava Avail Avaran Aven Avenge; Avenger Averse Avim Avims Avites Avith Avoid Avouch Avvim; Avites Awa Await Awake Away With Awe Awl Ax (Axe); Ax-Head Axle-Tree Ayin Azael Azaelus Azal Azaliah Azaniah Azaphion Azara Azarael Azaraias Azareel Azarel Azariah Azarias Azaru Azaz Azazel Azaziah Azbasareth Azbuk Azekah Azel Azem Azephurith Azetas Azgad Aziei Aziel Aziza Azmaveth (1) Azmaveth (2) Azmon Aznoth-Tabor Azor Azotus Azriel Azrikam Azubah Azur Azuran Azzah Azzan Azzur