Genesis 50:1-6 NIV

1 Joseph threw himself upon his father and wept over him and kissed him.1

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2 Then Joseph directed the physicians in his service to embalm his father Israel. So the physicians embalmed him,2

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3 taking a full forty days, for that was the time required for embalming. And the Egyptians mourned for him seventy days.3

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4 When the days of mourning4 had passed, Joseph said to Pharaoh's court,5 "If I have found favor in your eyes,6 speak to Pharaoh for me. Tell him,

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      5 'My father made me swear an oath7 and said, "I am about to die;8 bury me in the tomb I dug for myself9 in the land of Canaan."10 Now let me go up and bury my father;11 then I will return.' "

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      6 Pharaoh said, "Go up and bury your father, as he made you swear to do."