This chapter contains a short account of what happened from the death
of Jacob to the death of Joseph, and is chiefly concerned with the
funeral of Jacob; it first gives an account how Joseph was affected
with his father's death, of his orders to the physicians to embalm
him, and of the time of their embalming him, and of the Egyptians
mourning for him, \\#Ge 50:1-3\\, next of his request to Pharaoh to
give him leave to go and bury his father in Canaan, and his grant of
it, \\#Ge 50:4-6\\ and then of the grand funeral procession thither,
the mourning made for Jacob, and his interment according to his
orders, \\#Ge 50:7-13\\ upon the return of Joseph and his brethren to
Egypt, they fearing his resentment of their former usage of him,
entreat him to forgive them; which they said they did at the
direction of their father, to which Joseph readily agreed, and
comforted them, and spoke kindly to them, and bid them not fear any
hurt from him, for whatever were their intention, God meant it, and
had overruled it for good, \\#Ge 50:14-21\\ and the chapter is
concluded with an account of Joseph's age and death, and of his
posterity he saw before his death, and of the charge he gave to his
brethren to carry his bones with them, when they should depart from
Egypt, \\#Ge 50:22-26\\.