16 If a man deceiveth a virgin not yet wedded, and sleepeth with her, he shall give dower to her (he shall give her a dowry), and shall have her to wife.
17 If the father of the virgin will not give her to him, he shall (still) give (the) money, by the manner of dower (in the manner of a dowry), which virgins were wont to take.
18 Thou shalt not suffer witches to live.
19 He that doeth lechery with a beast, die he by death (shall be put to death).
20 He that offereth to (any) gods, except to the Lord alone, be he slain (shall be put to death).
21 Thou shalt not make sorrowful a comeling, neither thou shalt torment him; for also ye were comelings in the land of Egypt (for ye were also newcomers in the land of Egypt).
22 Ye shall not harm a widow, and a fatherless or a motherless child. (Ye shall not harm a widow, or a fatherless or a motherless child.)
23 If ye hurt them, they shall cry to me, and I shall hear the cry of them,
24 and my great vengeance shall have indignation on you, and I shall smite you with sword (and I shall strike you down with a sword), and your wives shall be widows, and your sons shall be fatherless.
25 If thou givest money to loan to my poor people, that dwelleth with thee, thou shalt not constrain him as an extortioner doeth, neither thou shalt oppress him by usuries. (If thou lendest money to anyone of my poor people, who liveth with thee, thou shalt not compel him like an extortioner doeth, nor shalt thou oppress him with usury.)
26 If thou takest of thy neighbour a cloth to wed (If thou takest a cloak from thy neighbour for a pledge), thou shalt yield it (back) to him before the going down of the sun;
27 for that alone is the clothing of his flesh, with which he is covered, neither he hath another, in which he shall sleep; if he crieth to me, I shall hear him; for I am merciful.
28 Thou shalt not backbite [the] gods, that is, (the) priests, or (the) judges, and thou shalt not curse the prince of thy people (and thou shalt not curse the leaders of thy people).
29 Thou shalt not tarry to offer to the Lord thy tithes, and thy first fruits. Thou shalt give to me the first begotten of thy sons (Thou shalt give me thy first-born sons);
30 also of [thine] oxen, and of (thy) sheep, thou shalt do in like manner; seven days be he with his mother, in the eighth day thou shalt yield him to me. (and thou shalt do likewise with thy oxen, and with thy sheep; for seven days let him be with his mother, then on the eighth day thou shalt yield him to me.)
31 Ye shall be holy men to me; ye shall not eat the flesh that is before-tasted of (other) beasts, but ye shall cast it forth to hounds. (Ye shall be holy before me; ye shall not eat the flesh of that which is killed by another beast, but ye shall throw it to the hounds.)