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Tammy Kennington

Tammy KenningtonTammy Kennington is a writer and speaker familiar with the impact of trauma, chronic illness, and parenting in the hard places. Her heart is to lead women from hardship to hope. You can meet with Tammy at her blog where she’ll send you her e-book, Moving from Pain to Peace-A Journey Toward Hope When the Past Holds You Captive.

What Does the Bible Say about Resurrection Day?

Resurrection Day is the culmination of Holy Week and one of the most important events in the Bible. Within this story we think we know so well are messages we need for today.

5 Beautiful Prayers for Peace

When we say a prayer for peace, we aren't just asking for things to go well. The Bible makes it clear that there is a special kind of peace in Jesus, which means more than just absence of trouble.

What Does Selah Mean in the Bible?

Selah is one of the Old Testament's more mysterious words, central to worship. Discover how the Bible defines this word.

Surprising Things the Bible Says About Mental Illness

What does the Bible say about mental illness? The Bible tells us that our God is big enough to overcome whatever we are facing.

What Does the Bible Say about Suffering and Why Everyone Goes through It?

Suffering, though, is not relegated to Christians alone. What does the Bible say about suffering and why everyone goes through it?

Why Is it Important that Jesus Gave His Followers Peace When He Left Them?

Jesus’s gift had incalculable value: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you” ( John 14:27 NIV). But what was this peace?

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