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  • 30 And Aharon spoke all hadevarim which Hashem had spoken unto Moshe; and he did haOtot before the eyes of HaAm.

  • 30 And Moshe said before Hashem, See, I am of aral sefatayim,and why should Pharaoh pay heed unto me.

  • 30 But as for thee and thy avadim, I know that ye will not yet fear Hashem Elohim.

  • 30 And Pharaoh rose up in the lailah, he, and all his avadim, and kol Mitzrayim; and there was a tze’akah gedolah (great wail) in Mitzrayim; for there was not a bais where there was not one dead.

  • 30 Thus Hashem saved Yisroel yom hahu out of the hand of Mitzrayim; and Yisroel saw the Egyptians dead upon the seashore.

  • 30 So HaAm rested on yom hashevi’i.

  • 30 If there be laid on him a kofer (atonement payment, ransom), then he shall give for the redemption of his nefesh whatsoever is assessed upon him.

  • 313 (30) And ye shall be anshei kodesh unto Me; neither shall ye eat any basar that is terefah (torn of beasts) in the sadeh; ye shall cast it to the kelev (dog).

  • 30 Me’at me’at (little by little) I will drive them out from before thee, until thou be increased, and inherit ha’aretz.

  • 30 And thou shalt set upon the Shulchan the Lechem Panim before Me always.

  • 30 And thou shalt erect the Mishkan according to the mishpat (plan, specifications) thereof which was showed thee in HaHar.

  • 30 And thou shalt put in the Choshen HaMishpat the Urim and the Tummim; and they shall be upon the lev Aharon, when he goeth in before Hashem; and Aharon shall nasa (bear [see this word Yeshayah 53:12]) the Mishpat Bnei Yisroel upon his lev before Hashem tamid.

  • 30 And that ben that is kohen in his succession shall put them on shivat yamim, when he cometh into the Ohel Mo’ed to minister in HaKodesh.

  • 1 0 And thou shalt make a Mizbe’ach to burn ketonet (incense) upon; of acacia wood shalt thou make it.

  • 2 A cubit shall be the length thereof, and a cubit the width thereof; ravu’a (foursquare, square) shall it be; and two cubits shall be the height thereof; the karnenot thereof shall be of the same.

  • 3 And thou shalt overlay it with zahav tahor, the top thereof, and the sides thereof all around, and the karnenot thereof; and thou shalt make unto it a crown of zahav all around.

  • 4 And two tabe’ot zahav (golden rings) shalt thou make to it under the crown of it, by the two corners thereof, upon the two sides of it shalt thou make it; and they shall be for places for the carrying poles to bear it withal.

  • 5 And thou shalt make the carrying poles of acacia wood, and overlay them with zahav.

  • 6 And thou shalt put it in front of the Parochet that is before the Aron HaEdut, before the Kapporet that is over HaEdut, where I will set My meetings with thee.

  • 7 And Aharon shall burn thereon spice ketoret every boker; when he cleaneth the nerot (lamps), he shall burn it.

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